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May 24, 2009


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Did you get your torch back? Lovely piece, I missed reading your funny words! I would have taken that empty bed if I were here, let the kids and husband stay outside and drink some Pim's with my new English neighbor! neighbour.
love how you say "they don't do things half around here" because what it really is, is that nothing ever happens (ever!) and when it does, all towns are so excited they are all jumping on the opportunity. We still make front paper headlines when a swing was stolen from Alley's, remember? Or the sign from the El Packa Farm... front paper news, I tell ya'.


i wish you were my neighbor.....
so happy your blogging again!!!!
p.s. what's a Pim?


AMY .. you've never had Pimms? It's "summer in a glass" ... delicious ....! My place on the first sunny day we get ...!


Amy ... its Pimms time... soon okay?

also, to update. we have made the seamstress connection and all is good on that score!

I also got my flashlight back.

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