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October 05, 2009


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I must be the last person in the USA not watching this show.... always the last one to jump on the band wagon. Can you tell me which character I am? I do like the short hair, would go nice with my new earrings :-)


Jessica - and you an advertising girl as well.... shame. start watching, its fabulous...

you might be Betty Draper - the gorgeous highly educated stay at home mom, who wants and deserves more. take the test.


yes, that's me! hahahahaha! so under appreciated!


Only saw a few episodes, but am intrigued.
My best friends dad was one of the original mad men (in real life).
So I'm even more intrigued to tune in.
I just found your comments at homeroom...
I must have fumbled with my typepad settings because I didn't get an email telling me....
Love your posts....I'll keep checking back for more!!!

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