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October 21, 2009


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yes, love the green love seats.
reading this blog post was like reading a good novel, i want more and more.
did you ever consider writing? i can picture a fabulous novel by you and jess.....each take a chapter about lives in europe....meeting american men....coming to america....meeting each other (chapters then mesh together> Best friends unite and conquer). i see it now book signings in amsterdam, MV and London...
i love your living room!
p.s. we have a leather sofa in our living room, which the girls cal "the cold sofa". i put two ikea sheepskins on it and it is now cozy enough to watch an episode of spongebob or mad men.


cold on my tush in winter (so far so good, the wine kept my circulation going!)... I am more concerned about my tush sticking to it in summer!

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