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I am not, in fact Cecilia. you can read all about her in my second post. do it now: Cecilia who? My name is Alexis Garcia. If you could hear me speak you would know I am English, but the accent, (to my horror), is sometimes identified as having a very slight Australian "twang" because and I have been living in the US since 2001. No offense to any Australians out there - its just I have never set foot in your country so its a strange thing to hear from people I meet.


I was born in 1967 in a northern English spa town called Harrogate. We moved South to Cheltenham when I was 14, but I pretty much lost all trace of my Yorkshire accent which only sneaks back in slightly as soon as I drive past Leicester Forest East Services on the M1.
I worked and partied hard in London throughout my 20's then met an American chap who lured me to his country with talk of a private plane, apartment in New York and summer home on Cape Cod! We married in 1996 and moved to the USA in 2001. Our son was born in 2002, and through him I met my lovely friends and started to make a life here.
But, I do miss my family and friends back home, like mad.
I'm still figuring out my niche in this unusual country, its not entirely true that you can get by on your English accent in America, (even if it does sound Australian, with a tinge of Yorkshire!)
So, here I am, writing this blog to try to get over my fear of decision making and subsequent inability to move forward with my life, which, now I am in my forties, I am realizing could be half way through already!
I had better bloody well get on with it!
One last thing about me is that I hate listing “interests” – it reminds me of writing CV’s/resumes and trying to make up all kinds of interesting things about oneself in order to make one sound interesting. Oh, dear.....


to be continued....