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April 16, 2009


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it must be in the water here... did you read how I kept seeing "bliss" instead of "bills"?

You would look HOT with glasses on!


your spin on the "do it now" is realllly cute! I love how it's taking form!


i am in need of some blogger inspiration.
any ideas?
we were all on a roll...
i crack up each time i come to your blog page and see yoda!


did we both give up blogging? don't you have more to say than ever? i know i do, but my typepad account is on hold :-)


Hey cecilia-is your account frozen too!
Where are you?
I miss reading you!


Yo! This is pathetic! Where are you (other than 3 streets away from me)? Get your ass back online! Unlike me, you have no excuse... remember how it made you happy doing it, made you look at the world with blogger eyes (more in the now, more attention paid to small details. gotta remember this, gotta remember that).
I myself can't wait to get it up and running again. First I need a job, I'm afraid :-) hahahaha


this site is turning into a DO IT NOT CECILIA SMITH.

Bruno Hill

Ooh, that's a tough problem, Alexis. I sure hope that your eyesight has returned to normal now. Reading words incorrectly due to poor vision can sometimes get people into trouble. Even the simplest of tasks (like reading menu boards, identifying people from afar, etc.) become hard to do. We can poke fun at our mistakes, but we still suffer in the end. But on the bright side, most people look better with glasses on!


They do Bruno?


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